The Art of Electronics

I never formally studied electronics myself, athough I worked at the National Research Council in Ottawa doing electronics. I am well known in the industry for having successfully created many electronic devices for Canadian and USA corporations including marine mammal tags for the US Office of Naval Research.

I also helped students in 4th year in Mechatronics and Electrical Engineering at the University of Victoria to create their final project for local industries … a working product for their budding portfolio of industrial products.

Although I never studied electronics in school, I learned all my abilities through a book called the “Art of Electronics” which treated electronics as the craft that it is. Thats right, electronics is a relatively simple craft that anyone with patience can learn!

A friend of mine from Aldershot High School, Stephen Fast from the Hamilton area came to my shop last week to get some advice on designing electronics so I told him about the “Art of Electronics” book that taught me to design electronic devices.

Stephen stumbled stumbled upon this very fun interview by LadyADA, cofounder of Adafruit, of Paul
Horowitz, co-author of the book “The Art of Electronics”

Paul Horowitz confesses, confidentially to never having taken an electronics course before writing the book that is the “Bible” even today of the craft of electronics!

It blew my mind totally tonight to realize that that amazing book was written by Horowitz and Hill and Paul Horowitz that started writing the book had never himself ever studied electronics himself. Now I understand why that book is such a masterpiece!

Only someone who was totally self taught could write such a masterpiece!

Adafruit Interview with Paul

Don’t watch the whole interview but just the very amusing first few minutes in which he states that he never studied electronics!

So cool that there are others who just teach themselves what they need to know in life!