Like a Pro Class -Betty Martin

Like a Pro Class by Betty Martin

Betty Martin is an ex chiropractor who has made a specialty of helping people who do bodywork healing to be clear about getting the consent of clients.  Her focus is for people doing sexological bodywork or other sexual response based therapies. However her advice applies to all healing modalities!

Best to go to her website for the full story … everything she does she shares as open source.  I went to see her in a workshop in Victoria in January 2016. It was an excellent learning experience that I highly recommend!  However you can learn a great deal by simply watching her lectures.

If you do bodywork healing the most important lecture is about training the sensitivity of your hands …

Her most well known work is the Wheel of Consent … it takes many hours of watching lectures to fully understand it.

Here is the diagram …

Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent


Here are my notes from her class in January 2016.  It includes all notes and diagrams shown by Betty …


I highly recommend her classes regardless of the type of bodywork you do.  Her class is a “modality-less” bodywork healing class.  Very unique.  They occur several times a year and can be found on her website.

Betty Martin visiting my bodywork office in Victoria BC, Vancouver Island.