Side effects of Circumcision

Circumcision is Male Genital Mutilation

By Ian Soutar

Circumcision should be avoided at all cost.  It’s a Crime Against Humanity. This is a taboo topic that needs to come out of the closet!

Psychology Today magazine speaks of circumcision’s psychological damage that causes symptoms later in life.  Fortunately in hospitals in Canada it has been abandoned. Many countries like the USA still practice circumcision although it’s popularity is fading. The emotional damage at infancy is great! The pain, with no anaesthetic, so extreme that some babies have siezures! Some emotional scarring exists for many years. It is theorized in Psychology Today that it might last a lifetime. Pain sensitivity for life is a side effect for some. Others suffer from post traumatic stress all their life. I have wondered if some autism in males is triggered by the seizure level pain of circumcision?

This is something that has haunted me all my life,  because my Dad, a United Church Minister in Northern Ontario was present in the operating room when I was born at his insistence. Normally only the doctors and nurses were allowed in the little Kirkland Lake Ontario hospital during operations and childbirth. Rev. George Soutar came from Scotland where circumcision was considered a “Heathen Barbaric English Practice”! So he strong armed his way between me and the doctor and said “No one is touching my Son” and so I escaped the mutilation. It was a standard practice so it must have taken some courage to stop the surgeon. But the surgeon was in my Dad’s church and had to respect the Reverend! I am forever grateful. As my Dad moved on from church to through out his career from 1949 to 1975 he  always educated the congregation on the horrors of circumcision by talking to the parents whenever he knew a baby was going to be born.

Circumcision is an extremely barbaric practice, removing 1/2 of the nerve endings associated with sexual pleasure. You have to wonder if this came about due to Puritanical influences. Disapproval of masturbation may have been part of it. Its horrifying to know that in Canada, every male child had to have the end of his penis amputated without consent and without anaesthetic!  Unbelievable but it happened, and with pain so extreme that parents and nurses have witnessed siezures.   Yet the baby “feels no pain” proponents said  (Crazy Nonsense) … even a worm feels pain! I can’t believe our culture could be so cruel.

Please remember to oppose circumcision!  It’s sometimes promoted for hygene … But washing beats amputation every time!

Politeness is a problem. People don’t talk about circumcision … It’s time everyone did. The puritanical attitudes in this part of the world are still allowing male genital mutilation! It’s outrageous!

I’m going to the gay pride parade next year on the anti-circumcision float. My dad would be proud of me for carrying on the fight against this cruelty.

This article can be horrifying … 

Click here to read PsychologyToday, Sept. 6, 2017.