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There are many healing therapies available in Canada. My name is Ian Faulkner (Soutar) and  I am the creator of this site as well as a bodywork therapist. The website was created to share therapies and lifestyles to support health and well-being in Victoria BC on Vancouver Island.  It has been expanded to include therapies across Canada.

Harmonic Resonance Bodywork

Healers and friends have selected some favourite innovative therapies available locally.  Also listed are research papers on nutritional discoveries for preventing and reversing illnesses.  See the experimental section in the menu above.

Best Article in the Elephant Journal

Please Read my article in the “Elephant Journal” about the Magic Healing my wife Barbara received.  The therapy was invented by her daughter Meghan. I helped too using music therapy to restore a personality lost to brain surgery!

Click to read article in Elephant Journal

Important to SHARE … It’s a therapy that can help many.

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SteriClean Crystals

These revolutionary non-toxic light activated  crystals produce oxidants which kill germs continuously at home, office or hospital on food preparation and other surfaces where sterility is important! Here is the inventor, Dr. Rodney Herring, showing his initial introduction video showing his remarkable invention. 

Watch Soon to be Released Video showing SteriClean Crystals

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Add Your Therapy or Health Tip

We invite other therapists and researchers to consult with us to have a free listing and links to their website.  

Experimental Therapies

A small group of us are also exploring experimental avenues including electronic brain stimulation, psychedelic, herbal, nutritional and lifestyle therapies.   We will summarize our findings here as they come in. This is work is Experimental only and we will be presenting it here for educational purposes only.

See the menu above to explore some unique bodywork healing services available in Victoria BC Canada on Vancouver Island.

If you have an idea to share let us know. If you are a therapist offering an innovative health solution and would like to be listed please email …

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