Ian – Experimental Therapies

A group of friends interested in nutrition meet at a University of Victoria graduate meeting in “Materials Science” every Friday.  The older people in the group have been using ourselves as “guinea pigs” for our own health experiments. 4 or 5 of us have used boron for arthritis cure.  It worked! 

It can take many decades for official medical treatments to follow nutritional discoveries!  So you can be ahead of official medicine by looking into nutritional science.

Boron to End Arthritis and Prevent Cancer

Among the many things we discovered include treating arthritis with boron.  Arthritis has been discovered to be a boron deficiency disease in Australia in the 1960s.   You can read about it here …


I have had arthritis since I was 20, but it is now gone!  Others in the group have eliminated their arthritis too.

Boron and Sex Hormones

Boron supplementation of 9 to 12 milligrams per day raises estrogen and testosterone by 40% to 60%.  For both sexes it prevents cancers at this dose while restoring calcium levels and sexual vitality in old timers.  It reduces prostate cancer by 63% in studies and reduces most cancers by at least 40%!

See the Romanian studies below.

How to Use Boron to Treat Arthritis

Take 6 to 9 milligrams of Boron citrate or other Boron compound every day with calcium (optional if your diet is high in calcium), magnesium and vitamin D.  50 years old to less and it takes one month to eliminate arthritis.  Over age 50 it takes 2 months, as long as arthritis did not destroy the joints.  6 Milligrams per day treats minor arthritis. 9 to 20 Milligrams per day treats more severe arthritis.  Levels above 12 are known to reduce the incidence of cancers an average of about 40%.

My arthritis was not allowing me to sleep on my left shoulder.  Now I can sleep that way for many hours.  All other symptoms have disappeared.  I can now run at full speed again.

Making Your Own Boron Supplement from Household Borax

(Household Borax is 99% Sodium Tetraborate.  The remaining 1% is free of heavy metals and consists mainly of CO2, sodium, potassium and chlorine in the form of salts.)

Click here for instructions on Mixing 20 Mule Team Borax for Medicine-v2 Sept 2017

Preventing Cancers Using Boron

Boron will prevent cancers of all types as is shown by this metastudy from Romania which outlines 160 studies in Eastern Europe.

Click Here to read about Boron Cancer Prevention

Click Here to read boron as chemopreventative and chemotherapy cancer arthritis, anti-dementia agent, HPV eliminator etc

Tumeric for Inflammation

Tumeric is an ancient cure for inflammation.  It will also prevent cancers which begin to manifest as inflammation.  It will reduce swelling in inflamed joints.  It is known to prevent prostate cancer.  One in our group found it stops acne attacks in his family.  Here is the formula from India …

1 teaspoon organic tumeric in vegetable or tomatoe juice with a dash of black pepper.  The pepper helps the actual active ingredient circumin to be absorbed.  The formula suggests twice daily.  It is helpful to treat arthritis pain, allergies and prevents cancer too.

Excellent guide to making Tumeric more available by using additives such as black pepper …


Brain Stimulation for Depression and OCD

Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation is being experimented with at this site …


This device is being made in Victoria for researchers or anyone who wants to experiment.

Beneficial effects of low level nuclear radiation

Surprisingly low dose nuclear radiation is  beneficial to all animals including ourselves and plants.  Our society believes that even the tiniest amount of radiation is deadly. The reason we believe that goes back to Herman Muller who won the Nobel prize in 1946 when he lied about his research results.  This was done for political reasons by the “ban the A-bomb” movement.  These and many other details can be found at …


Instructions on DIY radioactive health products to reduce cancer and infectious disease.  Cancer is documented to be reduced by 30 percentage points in background radiations that are 100 times above normal.  It is all about dose. 

We experiment with wearing uranium glass beads to receive low dose nuclear radiation on ourselves with success.   It boosts immune systems greatly such that several of us get colds very rarely now that are short in duration. Often a cold lasts only a few hours.

New Ideas are Welcomed!  Send a note to …